5 Real Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Marketing Automation Tools

In this article, you will find a handy guide on how to use the most popular marketing automation tools and the benefits they will bring.

If you want to make your business successful and generate more sales, you need to be aware of the most useful tools for marketing automation.  

Once, we helped one of the e-commerce website owners to choose the most appropriate tool for marketing automation to meet his business goals. We did some research on marketing automation topics and want to share the results with other businesses to help them, as well. 

Below, we overview the top 5 marketing automation tools for building strong relations with your customers, increase sales and conversion rates at any stage of the sales funnel. 

5 Ways to Use Marketing Automation Tools to Improve Customer Retention

How much money do you spend on customer acquisition per month? $100, $1000 or $10000? Despite the cost, you should also pay attention to building and growing your relations with your existing customers. Why? The answer is simple – the stronger customers relation you will build, the more valuable benefits you will receive from increased customer lifetime value. To nurture your relations with customers and improve retention rates, you should not ignore the marketing automation platforms. Below we have gathered the most useful marketing automation tool that might suit any business and the advantages they might bring.  

1.Run more effective ads with AdRoll

It is a casual situation when a potential customer saw your ad, came to your website, and then disappeared without buying or asking a quote. The same is when a website visitor adds an item to the shopping cart and then abandons it. Baymard Institute’s study shows the average customers abandon rate is 69%. Still, we offer you a tool that will decrease this percent dramatically. 

AdRoll is a useful tool for running retargeting campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and the website. In this way, you can track website visitors, who don’t take the desired action and continue nurturing them with relevant ads and re-engagement. AdRoll also includes flexible segmentation, expert optimization, conversion report, and a bunch of other useful features. AdRoll charged customized fees. Besides, you can start a free two-week trial period to ensure the tool efficiency. 

2. Automate your follow-ups with Customer.io 

When new customers enter your customer lifecycle, you receive a unique opportunity for building relations with them. After they gave you their contact details, you are responsible for strengthening those relations. Still, with over 1000 contact details received per day, it is impossible to send all those follow-up messages manually. And here is when Customer.io come up handy. 

With this Customer.io, you can automatically send personalized follow-ups depending on how customers interact with your business. Besides, you can integrate Customer.io with your website or app to see real-time analytics and trigger actions with the predefined rules. This tool also allows conducting A/B testing, creating customer profiles, track conversions, and send in-context conversations. The price on Customer.io varies from free for 200 people and 400 monthly email credits to $1,250 for 500,000 people and 1 1 million monthly email credits. 

3. Oracle Eloqua for personalized multi-channel campaigns

In some cases, e-marketing might not be the best option to communicate with clients. In this case, consider Oracle Eloqua, a multi-channel tool to increase lead generation. This B2B cross-channel tool allows sending personalized follow-ups across mobile, video, and other channels. Besides, you also receive such advanced features as audience segmentation, report tracking, and insights into a buyer’s journey. The price on Oracle Eloqua starts from $2,000 each month for less than 10,000 contacts. 

4. Manage your customer pipeline with HubSpot

If your customers are ignoring your promotional emails, it is a sign that they are disengaged and about to leave. At this point, you should reach them your vis re-engagement funnel, direct calling, or emails. But first, you should classify your leads, using additional tools, like HubSpot.

HubSpot is known as a handy inbound-marketing tool that turns outbound leads into inbound ones. Using HubSpot, you receive such useful features as predictive-lead scoring, revenue reporting, custom-event automation triggers, and others. The prices start from $200 a month for 100 contacts to $2,400 per month for 10,000 contacts. 

5. Nurture your top customers with Marketo

Advisor Impact report said 83% of satisfied customers would recommend your products or services to their friends. Such satisfied customers who usually buy more often and prefer your brand over competitors called loyal customers. Thus, they have higher CLV (customer lifetime value). And to strengthen that relationship, as well as CLV, you will need to use additional tools for nurturing leads automatically. And one of the best lead management tools is Marketo. With this cloud-based lead management CRM, you can run account-based, mobile, and even account-based marketing campaigns to build and sustain customer relationships. Marketo comes with a free trial and does not have set-up fees. So you can try the tool before purchasing it. 


To run ads and offer discounts is not enough for business success. You should also use additional tools for multi-channel retargeting to remind website visitors about your business, as well as advanced lead nurturing tools for building relations with customers and turn them into loyal ones. To achieve that, you can use the tools we have described in this article.

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