Types of Android Application Development

Android Application Development (AAD) utilizes Android platform to give your mobile applications the Android leverage and ingenuity at low costs. Expert Android developers and programmers have the technical acumen to completely exploit the Android SDK platform and tools to create innovative Android solutions.

Custom Solutions

Android game development is one of our favorite playing fields because we have expert game developers who provide custom solutions for your 2D or 3D gaming requirements. We bring your mobile games the richness Android libraries in form of interactive 2D and 3D graphics that give sensational user experience. If you want to re-engineer your existing applications or want a new one from the scratch we ensure complete compliance to your gaming requirements so that you get uninterrupted delightful gaming experience at your Android phone.

Mobile Shopping

Mobile phones have given the people the freedom to shop while on move. We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in field of e-commerce application development for your Android mobile. If you want custom shopping apps or innovative mobile shopping solutions then your search ends at AAD.

IOS app building

Starting to develop an application for iOS, we set ourselves the task of finding what users lack and offering their own version.

Therefore, creating an application for iOS begins with analyzing existing applications and examining user reactions. We draw attention to the reviews, working to improve user interaction with the application.

Android Web development

We also provide other web development solutions for you Android phone that help you overcome the operational complexities of Android mobile apps. You can custom develop wide range of applications that suit your business. We provide Android application solutions for your portals like e-learning, online trading, networking and Internet marketing and third party application integration.

Advantages of Android Web Development

Android is a versatile and developer friendly mobile apps platform that empowers the talented Android developers at AAD to create amazing Android applications for business or personal use. Android platform offers following advantages:

  • Low cost of mobile application development
  • Powerful in-built 2D/3D graphics
  • Allows high degree of customization
  • Robust and stable mobile apps that give hassle-free user experience
  • Supports inter process and Inter application
  • The Java programming environment gives Android developers opportunity to fully utilize rich libraries to create interactive mobile apps, quickly.

App design

One of the most important development stages of any application is the creation of graphical elements and the interface of the project under development. The design of mobile applications is a key link, because of which users decide: whether to continue working with this application or simply delete it. The development of mobile application design takes into account all factors that may affect the perception of users of the application. The target audience is surely taken into account, prototypes of the most simple navigation and an intuitively understandable interface are created, adequate use of the color palette with a tilt in the direction of the company’s corporate colors is ensured.

Experience the Magic the our Android Solutions

If you run your business through your Android phone, you can see for yourself the difference that our Android applications bring to your enterprise. Our custom solutions help you enhance performance of you apps so that you take your or your clients’ usage experience to higher levels. Our Android solutions give you following benefits:

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