Quick intro to ML

Machine Learning (MO, Machine Learning, ML) is a vast subdistrict of artificial intelligence that studies methods for constructing algorithms capable of learning. There are other definitions. Machine learning is an “AI section that explores methods that allow computers to improve their performance based on their experience.”

Business problems that can be solved by means of machine learning and neural networks:

  • Forecasting: demand, sales, filling the warehouse, loading equipment and other resources, further development of the enterprise, etc.
  • Identify: trends, hidden relationships, anomalies, repeatable elements, etc.
  • Recognition: photo, video, audio content, fraud attempts, lies, internal threats, external attacks on the security system, etc.
  • Automation: operators work in online chat rooms, telephone operators, etc.
  • Classification: analysis of the composition of customers, clients, customers and their segmentation according to various parameters.
  • Clustering: classification by parameters that were not originally known.
  • Development: chat bots.

Why is this important to you?

Machine learning is at the heart of the many technologies we use today, including online search, recognition and processing of natural language by personal voice assistants (such as Alexa and Siri), marketing personalization, Netflix user recommendations, and many others. MoD also allows you to develop innovations in the field of cars on autopilot, as well as developments in the field of artificial intelligence in robotics. Without a doubt, machine learning will continue to develop, its influence on our lifestyle will grow every year, and technology will continue to improve.